How Much Will My Video Cost?


Videos are an essential part of any company’s marketing plan. Videos add value and help you connect with your audience.

Railroad Expert Harry Bruce
Interviewing Railroad Expert Harry Bruce. No studio needed on this shoot.

The range in budgets can go from extremely small to thousands to millions in Hollywood. An industry rule of thumb is $1,000.00 per finished minute. But that’s not always the case. The cost of video cameras has dropped significantly over the last few years.

Anne Scott campaign
Videos are critical for video campaigns.

Can you shoot the video on your phone or ipad? Yes, but odds are it won’t look and sound the same as a video produced by a professional video crew. This will no doubt provide a higher quality finished product.

When it comes to pricing, it all comes down to how complex the video will be and how much time is involved. Will a helicopter or a drone help get the right shots? Will travel be involved? Knowing your target audience will help you answer most of those questions.

Let’s break it down into the main categories:


  • Pre-Production
    *Discuss project goals, strategy and audience with client
    *Choosing locations
    *Choosing interviewees
    *Gear: Choosing the right camera & audio for the job:
    Do you need 4k video? If the video is for a corporate presentation, probably.
    If the video is for the web, not necessary,but it does add value to the overall production during editing.
  • Production
    *Number of days required for shooting.
    *Number of production crew members: (There is a producer, a videographer and sometimes a lighting and audio specialist.)
  • Post Production
    *Reviewing material & choosing best takes
    *Editing: Adding voice-over talent, music, and graphics
  • Posting & Sharing
    *Social Media

Hopefully this information will help you better understand what goes into the cost of video production. Sally Lewis Media, Inc. is comprised of a team of experienced media professionals. We produce videos for non-profits, companies and individuals so please Contact Us to get the project started!

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