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I don’t know much about golf. But I know one thing. When I get a call from a long-time producer friend asking if I can produce segments on “fan experiences” at The Honda Classic, I am ready and excited!

In February 2018, a record setting 224,000 plus people attended “The Honda Classic” in Palm Beach Gardens.  And using new technology, hundreds – maybe thousands of those fans were interviewed live in a first-time broadcasting and social media event.  I was very pleased to be one of those “first” producers.

Josh Cohen
ESPN Radio’s Josh Cohen interviewing fans.

The idea to interview fans live during the party atmosphere on the last three days of The Honda Classic comes from my friend and veteran PGA golf producer Lowell Thaler of Thaler Media, Inc.  Lowell recognized an opportunity using the “LiveU 600”, a portable transmission unit that delivers wireless live streaming from the camera to Facebook live.

Lowell says, “this fan experience livestream concept had never been done before at any PGA Tour event, PGA of America event or any other golf event.” He adds “it’s nice to break new ground with new technology.” The Live U unit attaches to the camera and can be worn as a backpack. Forget the need for an expensive satellite truck.

Thaler Media had 3 production teams combing the fan areas of The Honda Classic, sharing the excitement and fun that goes along with this annual golf tourney. Especially exciting was our opportunity to watch Tiger Woods putting from the infamous “bear trap” on the 17th hole.  The crowds went wild and were eagar to talk about it!

Master Control
Lowell Thaler, center, in Master Control speaks with the producers to coordinate live shots.

As one of the 3 producers, I stayed in touch with Lowell, by cell phone, communicating when our host influencers were on and off camera.  Back in “master control” the three feeds were coordinated and streamed live over The Honda Classic’s Facebook page.

It was a fun and an exciting experience to be part of this production team and to use new technology at such a prestigious golf tournament.

Also fun was being reunited with veteran videographer Bob Lynch (we worked together for a PBS show) and a chance to produce with ESPN Radio’s Josh Cohen.

If you missed our broadcasts this year, look for us in 2019.  In the meantime, here’s a link to our recorded interviews on The Honda Classic Facebook page:


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Susie Thaler
Susie Tuebel Thaler keeps tabs on the crews in Master Control.
Videographer Bob Lynch captures Tiger Woods below in the “Bear Trap”.
Couldn’t resist a selfie overlooking the 17th hole.
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